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Our Story

Kooshboo (meaning ‘fragrance’ in Hindi) was borne out of a desire to produce a line of children’s clothes, which is not only unique but also appeals to the modern parent’s sense of style and eco-consciousness. Sisters Natasha and Natalia Navin have dreamt of Kooshboo for a long time.

 Childhood Influences

Childhood trips to India where their paternal side of the family reside have exposed them to vibrant colours and inimitable textures, which inspired them greatly. In the meantime, here in Malaysia their maternal grandmother made pretty dresses for them with Liberty cottons using Simplicity pattern books.

 Growing Up

Time passed and Natasha went on to study architecture in Australia, while Natalia studied law in the UK and was also a fashion model part-time. With this combination of design training and exposure to the fashion industry, the sisters strengthened their dream of doing something together with their childhood inspirations. 

Motherhood was the next significant milestone in their lives and with it came the realisation that there was a scarcity of children’s wear that conformed to their ideal of clothes which were simple and well designed, made of quality natural materials and not mass-produced. This led them to the idea of starting their own label in 2014 and this was how Kooshboo came to be.

 The Kooshboo Look

The sisters wanted to ensure there was a story in each piece of clothing they designed, hence the use of classic prints which reminded them of their childhood and the use of traditional methods such as batik and embroidery to infuse soul into the products. The result was something that is boho chic and soulful, always using natural materials which is not only friendly for children’s delicate skin but more importantly for the planet.

 Social Responsibility

In an age where ‘fast fashion’ (multiple collections annually churned out) is the norm, and most high street labels manufacture their products in factories where workers’ rights are neglected, smaller brands are leading the way in ethical and fair trade practices. Kooshboo adheres to this philosophy, whilst ensuring quality control and high production standards. We are proud to be one of the leading brands in support of the Fashion Revolution movement in Malaysia and globally.

 Expanding the business

Kooshboo gained recognition and popularity quickly, securing various awards locally and being featured in mainstream media including newspapers, radio and television interviews. They are now present in eight retail outlets across Malaysia and Singapore including departmental stores Robinsons and Parkson.

In 2017 Kooshboo expanded into women’s wear and also opened their first flagship store. The dream and hard work continues with every collection - infusing every piece with soul and responsibility for children and adults alike to enjoy and treasure.