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The Kooshboo story


Kooshboo (‘fragrance’ in Hindi) was borne out of a desire to produce a line of children’s clothes, which was not only unique, but also appealed to a modern parent’s sense of style and eco-consciousness. Sisters Natasha and Natalia Navin have dreamt of Kooshboo for a long time. Childhood trips to India where vibrant colours and inimitable textures not only inspired, but also planted a seed of an idea for their future venture. As time passed, the sisters developed their own personal style favouring contemporary, sleek designs while following the latest fashion trends.

Motherhood was the next significant milestone in their lives and with children came the realisation that there was a scarcity of children’s wear that conformed to their ideal of clothes which were simple and well designed, made of natural materials and not mass-produced. A tall order that was remedied by starting their own label and this was how Kooshboo came to be.

Natasha is an architect so design is second nature to her, while Natalia is a lawyer and former model whose fashion sense and business acumen completes the essential elements to make their vision a reality.


Boho-chic combines bohemian influences to create a look that is folk-inspired, simple and current. Kooshboo showcases top-to-toe looks where heritage and nature-inspired designs, use of natural breathable fabrics, intricate prints, elegant colour palette and practical cut of the clothes effortlessly come together. The idea that children are active, lively and should spend their days enjoying the outdoors also plays a vital role in the design process.

Kooshboo clothes are perfect for play dates, parties, picnics and everything in between. The line covers baby rompers, shorts, skirts, dresses and tops in an array of easily matched colours for boys and girls.


In an age where ‘fast fashion’ (multiple collections annually churned out) is the norm, and most high street labels manufacture their products in factories where workers’ rights are below par, smaller brands are leading the way in ethical and fair trade practices. Kooshboo adheres to this philosophy, whilst ensuring quality control and high production standards.

Kooshboo – a truly homegrown boho-chic label for children.